Q 1. What is the status of Land?

A. 100% Paid up land.

Q 2. Is this project approved by Govt.?

A. Yes, It is a Govt. approved project.

Q 3. Will developer deliver on time?

A. Yes we are committed to deliver on time.

Q 4. Is this project connected to Delhi NCR?

A. Yes, It is well connected to various part of NCR.

Q 5. Is this project have metro connectivity?

Yes, it is next to proposed knowledge V metro station.

Q 6. As it is a commercial project, so will their be enough population to run this commercial project?

A. Yes, it is surrounded by various housing societies and 180 acres upcoming sports city and after 3 years this project will be a entertainment & shopping destination for aprox .4 lac families.

Q 7. The price quoted are on higher side?

A. No this project has competitive price to market.

Q 8. Is this project has green surroundings?

A. Yes, there is Govt. green belt in front and adjacent to the project.

Q 9. What is the leasing value for this commercial project?

A. This project have high leasing value.

Q 10. What will be the rental value against capital value?

Rental value return is more than 12% of capital value.

Q 11. What is the expected capital return appreciation?

A. Minimum 60% capital return appreciation after 3 years.

Q 12. What is the project status?

A. Project is in soft launch status and approval are in process.

Q 13. What is the prospect of corporate to setup their office in this project?

A. Due to metro connectivity, comparatively low rentals than market, more corporate, banks, MNCs, professionals will setup their offices.

Q 14. Will this project be a high rise?

A. No, it will be low rise construction project.

Q 15. Will the independent office buildings will be with land rights?

A. Yes, Independent office buildings will be with land rights.

Q 16. Will this project fulfill all construction norms?

A. Yes, This project will be constructed as per Govt. law norms Real Estate Regulatory Authority [RERA].