Galactic City Retail

Yes, India has been exposed to some of best shopping experiences but In Galactic City's Hollywood Street we intend to take it to a new stratum. Having closely monitored Hollywood Street has been designed to offer totally new experiential delight, both for the shoppers and the owners. Hollywood street is made not only to satisfy passionate shopaholics but also to act as a de-stress destination that will recharge your mood. It offers the convenience of a one-stop lifestyle place that will have provisions for everything probably starting from vegetables, fruits, groceries to designer wear, jewelry shops, food courts, swanky restaurants, multiplex, kids zone and much more. The ease and the ambience of Hollywood street will definitely make it a regular destination for many families residing in Galactic city and the catchment area. Hollywood Street promises to be an enthralling zone for those who will frequent it and a profitable venture for those who will be a part of it.